Brandon Bateman

Brandon is an 8-year veteran of the US Marine Corps. He conducted numerous Combat Missions in AnBar Province, Iraq in support of OIF II - 2004. He has deployed operationally as a security contractor to Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Jordan and Kurdistan. He has conducted over 1,500 intermodal, high-threat close protection missions for high level DoS and DoD personnel in support of Operation New Dawn. He has conducted light and heavy firearms training for Afghan Security Forces and conducted over 700 hours of strategic JLENS and RAID camera surveillance while providing security force deployment strategies to US/Coalition Air Base Command in support of Operation Enduring Freedom - West Afghanistan. He has joint-tasked with Federal Police Forces in patrolling and surveillance of the Main Supply Route in support of the largest yielding Gold and Copper mineral deposit on Earth - Indonesia. In Kurdistan, he trained the UN’s Nepalese Military Contingent in unarmed combatives and QRF deployment strategies. He has served as a Close Protection Officer for the Special Rep of the Secretary General in the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq. He has served as Field Security Advisor to the UN Independent High Electoral Commission - Baghdad, UN High Commissioner for Refugees - Baghdad, UN Office for Project Services - Erbil/Baghdad/Amman and UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Kurdistan Region. He served as Security Liaison Officer/Emergency Incident Manager for multiple UN agencies in support of the relocation of The People's Mujahedin of Iran - Baghdad. He served as Civil-Military Liaison for the US-lead Coalition and the United Nations mission in Erbil during the onslaught of violence across Iraq/Syria by the organization known as ISIS. He is currently an instructor of Israeli Krav Maga - Gidon System (Netanya, Israel), Emergency Trauma First Responder, Security and Risk Management Consultant, Executive Protection Officer, EPO/SO/LEO combatives instructor and trainer of Operational Cognition and Applied Psychology™.

Ken Alexandron

Ken Alexandrow, founder of AGAPE Tactical, spent twenty-six years serving the citizens of middle Tennessee as a career police officer. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1991, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He began his law enforcement career as a patrol officer and then was appointed to the Metro Nashville Police Academy as a confrontation management and firearms instructor. Next, he was selected to serve on the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force. He concluded his career as a Field Training Officer where he had the opportunity to supervise and train new police officers on how to apply their academy knowledge to real life situations on the street.

Since 1998, Ken has taught active killer response, personal protection, handgun carry permit, and advanced handgun, rifle and shotgun classes to private citizens. He specializes in helping schools, businesses and religious organizations develop plans for providing a safe learning, working and worshiping environment for their employees, members and guests. He has trained numerous church safety/security teams around the country. Ken lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife and two children.

Craig Blasingame

Greg Brundage

Greg is an 18-year veteran of law enforcement. He has worked in Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, Firearms Instructor, and as the Training Coordinator for a 120 Officer PD. He is currently the Team Sergeant for his agency's tactical element.

Curtis Carpenter

Curt is a 32-year veteran of law enforcement. He has worked in almost all aspects of police work (Patrol, Investigations, Motorcycle Unit, SWAT, DT Instructor, Chemical Weapons Instructor, and Firearms Instructor) and is currently a Training Coordinator for a 160 Officer PD. He is also the senior team leader on his PD's SWAT Unit and has served as unit training coordinator, lead tactics instructor, and entry element leader. Curt is also a retired E7 from the Army National Guard (24 years).nd has served as a breacher, tactics instructor, sniper, and firearms instructor.